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1. Alevizos, Konstantinos:   The rhythmic segments in the Cp. iv in the Art of Fugue of Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
2. Arnold, Jochen:   Gottes verborgenes und offenbares Handeln - Spuren und Strukturen lutherischer Theologie in Bachs Kantaten. [p]IS_Eisenach (Feb 2012)
3. Bossert, Christoph:   These: Psalm 118, Vers 22 als Mitte des Schaffens von Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]IS_Eisenach (Feb 2012)
4. Browner, Tara:   Bach Culture: Performers, Scholars, and Bachfreunde in the Twenty-First Century. [p]AMS_NewOrleans (Nov 2012)
5. Butler, Gregory:   The Trost Organ in Altenburg and Bach's Clavierübung III as Manifestations of the Triunophilia of Duke Frederick III of Saxe-Gotha. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
6. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   Bach's Report on Johann Scheibe's Organ for Leipzig's St. Paul's Church: A Reassessment. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
7. Cron, Matthew:   Representations of Heaven in the Obbligato Organ Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
8. Dahlgrün, Corinna; Brödel, Christfried:   Unter dem Kreuz. Zur Vergegenwärtigung des Passionsgeschehens durch Wort und Musik. [p]IS_Eisenach (Feb 2012)
9. Dirksen, Pieter:   Georg Böhms keyboard music - Defining the corpus. [p]STIMU_Amsterdam (31 Aug-2 Sep 2012)
10. Dirst, Matthew:   Continuo Practice in the Bach Passions. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
11. Exner, Ellen:   'Lent by me and never recovered': Lost Homilius Manuscript Found. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
12. Gontar, Christopher:   Post-Baroque Classicism and Bach Fugue. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
13. Grapenthin, Ulf:   Jan Adam Reincken (1643-1722) - An important 'Lehrmeister' of J. S. Bach. [p]STIMU_Amsterdam (31 Aug-2 Sep 2012)
14. Heller, Wendy:   'Aus eigener Erfahrung redet': Bach, Luther, and Mary's Voice in the Magnificat BWV 243. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
15. Johansen, Lars Henrik:   Norwegian 18th Century Church Singing - a source for understanding the performance of J. S. Bach's chorales. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
16. Kovacevic, Tanja; [Kovaèeviæ]:   A new source of Bach's Violin Solos from Prague and its implication for the work's reception history. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012) Latin 2
17. Leaver, Robin A.:   The Organist Encounters the Hymnologist: J. S. Bach and J. C. Olearius in Arnstadt. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
18. Leaver, Robin A.:   What is the Significance of the Manuscript Choral-Buch Attributed to Bach in the Sibley Library? [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
19. Lundberg, Mattias:   The musical and liturgical contexts of Bach’s Cantata 10. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
20. Lutterman, John:   Jakob Adlung on Fantasieren: Further Evidence of a Bach Family Tradition in Jena. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
21. Maul, Michael:   Die 'Cantoreyen' der Thomasschule im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert - neues Licht auf alte Dokumente. [p]STIMU_Amsterdam (31 Aug-2 Sep 2012)
22. Maul, Michael:   Johann Mattias Holzhey's Fight for a New Instrument: Newly Discovered Documents about Organ Building, Playing, and Networking of Organists from Bach's Thuringia. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
23. McCormick, Susan:   Johann Christian Kittel's newly rediscovered Choralbuch: its significance in our understanding of the chorale tradition. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
24. Medlam, Charles:   Approaches to the Bach Violoncello Suites. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
25. Molinaro, Lawrence:   Scaffolding instruction on improvisation – training organists within the Bach circle and beyond. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
26. Naulleau, Gaëtan:   Dancing an odyssey: Gustav Leonhardt and the complete Bach cantatas. [p]STIMU_Amsterdam (31 Aug-2 Sep 2012)
27. Oleskiewicz, Mary:   Keyboards, Bachs, and Berlin: Keyboard Instruments and Members of the Bach Family at the Court of Frederick 'the Great'. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
28. Paczkowski, Szymon:   Bach and Chopin. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
29. Petzoldt, Martin:   Bachs Interesse an Luthers Schriften und Theologie. [p]IS_Eisenach (Feb 2012)
30. Reef, John S.:   The Two F-Major Fugues from The Well-Tempered Clavier: Dance Subjects and Their Phrase-Rhythmic Implications. [p]AMS_NewOrleans (Nov 2012)
31. Rose, Stephen:   Georg Böhm as musical go-between: perspectives on his vocal works. [p]STIMU_Amsterdam (31 Aug-2 Sep 2012)
32. Rose, Stephen:   The Latin Magnificat in Leipzig before Bach. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
33. Rubinoff, Kailan:   Leonhardt in the 1960s: an Antiquarian in a Climate of Change. [p]STIMU_Amsterdam (31 Aug-2 Sep 2012)
34. Schulenberg, David:   Preludes and Fugues by Bach? Questions of Text, Genre, and Attribution in the Organ Works. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
35. Smaill, Peter:   Every Silver Lining has a Cloud: Bach and the share registers of the Ursula Erbstollen mine. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
36. Spehr, Christopher:   Wortgewalt und Sprachgestalt. Bach als Interpret Martin Luthers. [p]IS_Eisenach (Feb 2012)
37. Stinson, Russell:   Bach and the Varied Stollen. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
38. Stinson, Russell:   Bach and the Varied Stollen. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
39. Talle, Andrew:   The Daily Life of an Organist in Bach's Germany. [p]AMS_NewOrleans (Nov 2012)
40. Tatlow, Ruth:   Narratives of Number in the Neumeister Chorales. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
41. Tomita, Yo:   Veiled aspects of Bach Reception in the 19th century exposed through a macro-level examination of prints. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)
42. Wen, Eric:   Drawing Parallels: Thirds and Sixths in Bach’s Fugues in B-flat Minor and G Minor from Book 2 of The Well-Tempered Clavier. [p]AMS_NewOrleans (Nov 2012)
43. Williams, Peter:   On Bach and the Organ. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
44. Wolff, Christoph:   Did J. S. Bach Write Organ Concertos? Apropos the Prehistory of the Cantata Movements with Obbligato Organ. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
45. Wollny, Peter:   An Unknown Collection of Organ Dispositions from Bach's Circle. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
46. Wollny, Peter:   A Tale of Two Tunes: Reincken's 'Schweiget mir vom Weibernehmen' and J. C. Bach's 'Aria pro dormente Camillo'. [p]STIMU_Amsterdam (31 Aug-2 Sep 2012)
47. Zwart, Frits:   Bach at the Concertgebouw: the conductor Willem Mengelberg and early music. [p]STIMU_Amsterdam (31 Aug-2 Sep 2012)

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