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1. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Instructive editions of J. S. Bach's 'Wohltemperirtes Klavier': an Italian perspective. diss. (2012), 466p
2. Bishop, Kirsten Elise:   Playing J. S. Bach’s viola da gamba sonatas on the modern cello: editorial practices and performing protocols. diss. (2012), 42p
3. Bloss, Laura:   Natural Trumpet Music and the Modern Performer. diss. (2012), vii, 74p
4. Costa, Gustavo Silveira:   Seis sonatas e partias para violino solo de J. S. Bach ao violăo: fundamentos para adaptaçăo do ciclo. diss. (2012), 192p
5. De Troyer, Nicolas:   'Er ist doch ein alter Prachtkerl gewesen': De Bach-receptie in Mendelssohns orgelwerken. diss. (2012)
6. Einarsdóttir, Sigrún Lilja:   J.S. Bach in everyday life: The 'choral identity' of an amateur 'art music' Bach choir and the concept of 'choral capital'. diss. (2012), 352p
7. Fazekas, Gergely:   J. S. Bach és a zenei forma két kultúrája. diss. (2012), 221p
8. Hsu, Chung-Hui:   The solo string works of JS Bach: The relationship between dance and musical elements. diss. (2012), viii, 67p
9. Kornfeld, Zoltán:   A szvit műfajának megjelenése Bach életművében, a gordonkára írt Hat Szólószvit elemzése (BWV 1007-1012). diss. (2012), 95p Latin 2
10. Mace, Abigail Rebecca:   Style and Interpretation in the Seven Keyboard Toccatas of J. S. Bach, BWV 910-916. diss. (2012), xxii, 152p
11. McCarthy, Daniel W.:   The influence of French and Italian national musical styles and genres on the music of J. S. Bach: a performance dissertation project. diss. (2012), xi, 26p
12. Palacios Quiroz, Rafael:   La pronuntiatio musicale: une interprétation rhétorique au service de Händel, Montéclair, C. P. E. Bach et Telemann. diss. (2012), 362,149p
13. Roy, Matthew J.:   The genesis of the Soviet prelude set for piano: Shostakovich, Zaderatsky, Zhelobinsky, and Goltz. diss. (2012), xi, 121p
14. Son, Se Ra:   Figures of Musica Poetica in the Passacaglias of Dieterich Buxtehude and J. S. Bach. diss. (2012)
15. Tang, Yue:   Three milestones: An examination of unaccompanied cello compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Zoltán Kodály and Gasper Cassadó and their contribution to solo cello repertory. diss. (2012), 52p

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