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Postgraduate/Research Funding

This page contains all the available funding for prospective postgraduate and research students at the School.  

The Graduate School website is also a useful resource for funding and other information.  

Travel Scholarships and travel funding are located on the Travel Scholarships/Funding section of the website.



MA Bursaries

The School has again made available a number of bursaries in support of applicants to our MA programmes.  For applicants seeking to study in 2015-16 up to 2 bursaries of £3,000 each will be available.  These are generally awarded as a contribution against course fees.   

In order to be considered for one of these bursaries you must simply have made your application for a place on a programme through the Postgraduate Application Portal before 16:00 hours on 30 April 2015.  All applications received before that deadline will be automatically considered for an award.  Please note that it is still possible to submit an application for one of the MA programmes in the School after the deadline of 30 April 2015, even though such applications will not be considered for an award.

The application portal can be accessed via


International Funding/Scholarships

International applicants holding an unconditional offer can apply for scholarships payable towards tuition fees.  The University Postgraduate Centre website has details on the different funding options available.



More Information

The University Postgraduate Centre website is a very useful source of information for funding, scholarships and much more advice and guidence for postgraduate students.  Click here to visit the website.