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Linda Price

Queen's University Brass Band
3rd Cornet

"QUB Brass band is made up of a wonderful set of people.  
Rediscovering the joy of playing music again has been wonderful”  

Playing background
Joined my local brass band in Wales at the age of seven  - learned on cornet, then play flugal – then back to cornet – left band at age of 17 as found too may other interests!  But went back 4 years later having missed it.  Always enjoyed playing for pleasure – but had to give up again when I went away to do  PhD – 7 years later and after a move to Belfast – brass banding was still in the blood – so the chance to play again in the QUB brass band has been wonderful! 

Playing achievements/awards
Whilst I took al the normal grades in piano up to grade 6 I have never been particularly competitive with my band music.  I was selected in my teens to play for the Powys Youth Band in Wales – and we did go to competitions.  I’ve really just always enjoyed playing in a band for pleasure.  Of course living in Wales, though – I was always being asked to play the cornet in Church or Chapel and our local band was very much a community band and marching band – playing at community events – but also being hired for weddings, funerals, carnivals etc. – We also had a strong ethos of teaching the new band members.

Other interests and activities
Being a full-time University Lecturer doesn’t leave too much time – but I enjoy going to musical events and plays with friends and swim twice a week to work off all that work-tension.  Reading historical novels and walking across wild windy hills are also enjoyed, unfortunately so is good food and wine’!