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Composition & Creative Practice

Music and Sonic Arts have composers working across a wide range of areas such as instrumental composition, electroacoustic music, installation, audio-visual and computer aided composition.  Each composer has been extremely successful in achieving commissions from leading Festivals, national broadcasting agencies, and orchestras and ensembles in the UK and further a field.  An international dimension to this work has been provided by the School’s practice of curating programmes around the world, for example in Malta, Poland, Portugal, Mexico and the US.

The School’s composers have also been proactive in creating strong links with the community, public bodies (local schools, museums, hospitals, galleries, youth festivals), and industry (Hewlett-Packard).† With the recent appointment of an Academic Fellow in New Media, the school is now implementing a strategy for developing links between music and other art-forms in the context of new technologies.

The annual international Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music provides an ideal show-case for the best of this work. The School has also strategically targeted several leading professional ensembles for the production of new work.



Professor Michael Alcorn

Professor Piers Hellawell

Dr Simon Mawhinney

Professor Pedro Rebelo

Dr Simon Waters

Dr Paul Wilson